Wake Up a Confident, More Connected Ride

Your vehicle is a part of your life. Out on the road with the ones you love, doing the things you love. Connected Vehicle Services can elevate your ownership experience and give you peace of mind behind the wheel. OnStar® and Connected Services keep your vehicle connected and protected — with a variety of services to meet every need.

When the unexpected happens, the last thing you want is to be alone. OnStar can be there to help protect the people you love when you’re out on the road. Eng test

Automatic Crash Response

Built-in sensors are designed to automatically alert OnStar if you’re in a crash, so an Advisor can help pinpoint your vehicle’s location and direct first responders there. Learn More

Emergency Services

A priority connection to a specially trained OnStar Advisor who can contact emergency service providers and provide certain types of critical assistance, should you need help.

Roadside Assistance

If you’re stranded, have a flat tire or need a tow, an OnStar Advisor can contact a local service provider to help get you the assistance you need.

Flat Tire, Run Out of Gas, Or Find Yourself Stranded?

As you travel down the highways and byways of Alberta, Canada, there can be times when you might need the assistance of a solid automotive professional. You may be wondering what happens if you have a flat tire or a blowout and don't have a spare? There is no question that you enjoy Canada for the wide-open spaces, but this can be a double-edged sword if you have a flat tire. This is where OnStar Roadside Assistance comes in, even when you are several kilometres from the nearest city.

Running out of gas is a similar situation you could find yourself in. Yes, the peaceful Canadian landscape is breathtaking, but when you are stranded or out of gas? Well, then, it could prove stressful. However, even in our most remote areas of Canada, OnStar technology can match you with professionals who will help you get back on your journey as soon as possible.

Connecting You to Help When on the Road

The best thing about OnStar Roadside Assistance is that they connect you to help wherever you may be. It doesn't matter whether you are touring the natural beauty of Banff National Park, the crystal waters of Lake Louise, heading over to Prince's Island Park to take a stroll, or simply just driving the No. 2 Highway, OnStar has your back. If you encounter a difficult or stressful situation, all you have to do is push the red OnStar button for emergency services or the blue OnStar button for a certified OnStar advisor who will direct you to any help you need.

If you want to learn more about any other benefits of OnStar roadside assistance, contact us at Shaganappi Motors in Calgary, Alberta.

Stolen Vehicle Assistance

If your vehicle is stolen, OnStar technology is designed to help locate the vehicle, so that anOnStar Advisor can work with authorities to attempt to recover it. Read More

Turn-by-Turn Navigation

An OnStar Advisor can guide you to a destination and download the directions to your vehicle (if properly equipped), even if you don’t know the exact address. Learn More

Crisis Assist

Designed to provide you with emergency resources if you’re caught in a crisis or severe weather situation, such as special routing assistance and help locating shelter. Learn More

4G LTE with built-in Wi-Fi® hotspot

A fast in-vehicle connection that can power both your vehicle’s infotainment system and a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot that supports up to seven devices (data plan required).

Hands-Free Calling

The vehicle has a built-in wireless service to help keep you connected while on the road. Push a button and call out a name or number and an OnStar Advisor will do the rest. Excluded during the trial period. Learn More

Remote Key Fob

Use your vehicle’s mobile app to remotely start your properly equipped vehicle, lock/unlock your doors and sound the horn and/or flash your lights.

Turn-by-Turn Navigation

An OnStar Advisor can guide you to a destination and download the directions to your vehicle (if properly equipped), even if you don’t know the exact address. Learn More

Connected Navigation

Enjoy real-time traffic updates, local fuel prices and parking options from your vehicle’s built-in navigation system (if properly equipped). Learn More

On-Demand Diagnostics

Check the health of key vehicle systems like the engine, transmission and more with the help of an OnStar Advisor.

What Are Vehicle Diagnostics and How Does It Work?

OnStar vehicle diagnostics, also known as OVD, is a digital analysis test of a car’s computer systems and components. The feature works by inspecting and diagnosing issues affecting different parts of your vehicle, including the oil tank, airbag system, antilock brake system, airflow, coolant, engine and transmission system, throttle, and others. It then sends you a diagnostic report about your car’s status and the issues it has diagnosed. It also grades each system to help you when action is needed. A green colour means “no issues found,” yellow means “action suggested,” and red means “immediate attention.”

What Are the Different Types of Alerts?

There are two types of OnStar vehicle alerts, namely diagnostics alerts and proactive alerts. Diagnostic alerts are real-time alerts you receive by text or email about your car’s current or existing conditions. You can receive the diagnostic report every month, and rates may vary from one provider to another. Proactive alerts are alerts about potential issues with various vehicle components, such as fuel pressure, battery, fuel pump, and starter motor. However, this alert service is not available on all car models.

How Do I Perform an On-Demand Diagnostic Check on My Vehicle?

Performing an on-demand diagnostic check on your vehicle is simple. If you get the “check engine” notification or suspect that your car may be having an issue, push the blue OnStar Button to start a diagnostic test. The Advisor will run diagnostics check on your vehicle’s systems and components and alert you about maintenance issues that need your attention. If the problems identified need immediate attention, the Advisor can send roadside assistance or help you locate the nearest service provider. At Shaganappi Motors, situated in Calgary, Alberta, we are experts in OnStar vehicle diagnostics. Contact us today for more information!


OnStar is available on more than 30 GM vehicles. Eligible vehicles can activate up to 3 months ofOnStar Safety & Security Coverage and Connected Services by simply pushing your blue OnStar button.

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